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Since August 1, 2010 my mortgage was turned over to IBMLBPS. I spoke to someone twice.

I faxed off my papers that was asked of me. On 8/26/2010 I finally reached someone named Tracey and she told me one of the papers were missing. Chase did me the same way for a whole year. In March of 2010 I decided to deal with an affiliate of Chase opposed to doing it myself and received nothing but a transfer over to IBMLBPS.

I want my house HELP SOMEONE.

I just need a modification not a new house. Help Me

Monetary Loss: $280.

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Last month - a representative from Fannie Mae & I sat on the telephone for 2hrs - then 2-1/2 hours with IBM HAMP program - they never answered the telephone & dropped the call - she said she would put it in her records. But if the Federal program is suppose to get answers - can't -we're doomed - right?

The reason for the call is that they did give me a trial modification but used erroneous numbers & they keep asking me for papers.

There is no remedy - except that Oregon is not that far away & I guess I could just "go" & try to make an appointment. When you're doing everything they've asked you to do & still they deal fradulently - its impossible!!

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