I am a Realtor in Florida and my client's Chase loans have been switched to this lender. I have only been able to reach a human being one time and since then I cannot get a hold of anyone.

Each time I press '0' for customer service I get transferred to someone's voicemail. The voicemail box is full and I can't leave a message.

What kind of operation is this? So unprofessional and a disservice to the borrowers.

If people reading this use Chase for any type of banking, I would pull my money out of their bank. Utterly ridiculous!

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I have been trying for 1month+ to obtain approval from them to speak to me as a 3rd party. I have had to submit the request 3 times. Has anyone been able to establish a contact name and number?


funny thing is, IBM sells goods/services to people to avoid things like full voicemail boxes. Somehow they forgot to service themselves...

or maybe their clusters broke down.

Wouldn't be surprised... they've been outsourcing a lot of their crucial server maintainance jobs lately.


I'm in the same boat. FL Realtor trying to make contact with them about a Short Sale. Any progress on yours?

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